1.1 Introducing A Smudgy Mind Guide

Everything is grey.

There is no black and white here.

As you read the Smudgy Mind Guide you will learn there is no right or wrong answer. Everything will always be smudged.

Seven Rhetorical Questions

The Smudgy Mind Guide explores you and your mind/brain and begins by asking the following seven rhetorical questions:

  1. Can you be controlled to remember or forget anything?
  2. Why does a caged bird sing?
  3. When are you the learner and when are you the teacher?
  4. At what point do you take responsibility?
  5. Are you strong enough to break away from the crowd?
  6. Is breaking the heart the best way to understand it?
  7. When does love become an addiction?

Think of your answers now and remember them.

Reflect now.

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