Want to Change the World? Don’t ‘collaborate’ – Align

Want to Change the World? Don’t ‘collaborate’ – Align, by Rose Challies argues for a smarter way to create social change.

Rose Challies

Rose has worked in multiple countries tackling social change and says her aim is, “To make the biggest positive impact in the world I can, by supporting and encouraging change. Change in the way people think, in the way they act, and in the way they embrace life.”

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“There is a wind of change whipping up across the world and it’s turning into one helluva gust, motivating and activating people. However, it’s what comes next that is critical. People feel part of something big, something positive, so let’s join forces – right?”

“No – let’s align our forces.”

Rose Challies

Images from www.rosechallies.com

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