The Ravages of Austerity – An Analysis

From his website Universal Credit Suffer, Alex Tiffin’s The Ravages of Austerity – An Analysis explores benefit hardship in Britain.

Alex Tiffin

Alex is an independent journalist living in the Scottish Highlands who writes about social issues and politics as well as creating the campaign Welfare Rebellion.

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“The current form of austerity was introduced by the Conservative-Liberal coalition government that came to power in 2010. The world was still recovering from the aftermath of the financial ‘crash’ of 2008; the most significant global economic downturn since the Great Depression (1929-39). It is effectively a campaign of budget cutting designed to reduce the UK’s (at the time) unsustainable budget deficit. Although NHS and education spending was ‘ring-fenced’ spending was cut across all other areas of society.”

Alex Tiffin

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