The Green Hosting Company

Green Hosting is powered 100% by wind turbines, all year round, meaning your website runs on renewable energy every day.

Web servers are power hungry computers and must be maintained at a low temperature to ensure they function optimally. The Green Hosting data-centre facility has been designed and built to use electricity as efficiently as possible.

By extracting hot air from the building and using naturally cold outside air through the water based chillers, the cooling systems do not need to be constantly at full power as they would in traditional datacenters, meaning they use less energy.

Green Hosting was one of the first and is still one of a few truly green web hosting providers in the UK. Set up in 2006 their original 100% wind powered hosting was based in the U.S. but they always continued to search for an equally green and reliable UK provider.

The company took lots of time and care to get it right and are now delighted to be able to supply our service right here in the UK both to our very own web design clients and customers who manage their own websites.

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