The 1647 Catalogue of Sects

The 1647 Catalogue of Sects was published in England, by the authorities, during the English Civil War Period.

It’s full title is:

A Catalogue of the Severall Sects and Opinions in England and other Nations: With a briefe Rehearsall of their false and dangerous Tenents

From top left to bottom right the panels show the following:

  • Jesuits
  • Welsh blasphemer
  • Arminians
  • Arians
  • Adamites¬†(shown naked)
  • Libertin¬† (picture of man preparing to take a pick-axe to the Ten Commandments)
  • Antescripturians
  • Soul sleepers
  • Anabaptists
  • Familists
  • Seekers
  • Divorcers¬†(picture of man beating his wife)

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