Suspended is an art Installation at a London church to highlight the ongoing refugee and Migrant crisis across the world.

A baby’s bright red bib emblazoned with the words “My 1st Christmas Ever!” Pyjama tops with sleeve ends intertwined like holding hands. A pair of jeans upside down as though their owner is falling from a height. Shoes, socks, mittens, hats. A long, winding, blue patterned scarf.

These are among 700 items of refugees’ clothing salvaged from beaches and olive groves on the Greek island of Lesbos and hung in an installation by the British war artist Arabella Dorman in the nave of St James’s church in Piccadilly, London.

Dorman explains visiting the island and seeing that:

“There were thousands of items of clothing discarded by refugees. I was struck by the concept of the empty garment, evoking the hidden presence of the person who had worn that item. These clothes reveal what is now being forgotten.”

Suspended aims to bring the refugee crisis back into focus, particularly around Christmas, and to raise funds for the Starfish Foundation, a charity helping refugees.


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