Source Climate Change Coffee

Source Climate Change Coffee is created to help protect the world’s forests whilst drinking a fine tasting cup of sustainable coffee.

Sourced from traditional coffee growing communities in central and South America, Africa and Asia, all of the small holder farmers who supply the coffee are involved in reforestation and conservation. This is in fact the first coffee of its kind to mitigate the climate change impact of the product by using carbon credits from the coffee farmers themselves.

It’s also the first coffee in the UK with its own carbon credit number, which, when entered into Google, takes the customer straight to the reforestation project, providing 100 per cent trace-ability to origin. that allows customers to see the provenance story of the coffee, and links a payment for ecosystem services into the tree planting being conducted by the smallholder community. Customers can see the story of the project, the product and the biodiversity benefits that are being delivered.

Click here to visit the Source Climate Change Coffee website

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