2.2 Pulling a Trigger

Think about a trigger on a gun. A trigger of a bad event in your life. Imagine the trigger.

Imagine the trigger on a gun.

See yourself putting your hand on the trigger and lightly squeezing. Suppose this bad event caused you to fire the imaginary gun.

What would cause you to fire?

Does this trigger lead you to believe you are unlucky, a loser or maybe meandering through life without a purpose?

Pull the trigger back a little further and do you feel that everyone is out to get you and they can’t see you from their perspective?

The patterns in your life that you thought made sense may start falling apart. You might become violent and lash out. Addiction may seem a way out of life’s problems. Responsibility becomes a diminished memory.

Pull the trigger all the way back and, in your negative thinking, the world becomes your enemy. Love is just outside touching distance. In this state imagine you turn to someone for help. The gun in your mind is primed and you’re ready to shoot.

The person who can help you decides not to. Instead of showing you how to put the gun down they show you how to aim it properly.

You’ve fallen into a fatal mind trap and you tightly squeeze to fire.


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