Progressive Voting

Progressive Voting is where you vote in an election for a candidate who supports a peaceful, just, and equal society.

Progressive Voting is seeks a cleaner, greener democratic and ethical society that is sustainable for the common good.

Progressive Values

No one, of course, has the authority to decide what is progressive and what isn’t, but there are some common values that most share, which include:

  • Health care and education are basic human rights
  • Human rights outweigh property rights
  • Political leaders who engage in “preemptive war” and invasions should be brought to trial for crimes against humanity and judged against the standards of international law
  • Military over spending is an obscene waste of resources
  • As a society we have a collective obligation to provide everyone who is willing and able to work with a job that pays a living wage and offers dignity
  • It’s wrong to allow individuals to accumulate wealth without limits, and that the highest incomes should be capped well before they begin to threaten community and democracy
  • Wealth, not just income, should be taxed
  • The Old Testament isn’t a policy guide for the 21st century
  • Celebrating and protecting diversity
  • Not discriminating against gender, age, sexuality or disability
  • The state has no right to kill
  • A new green deal is required to drive the economy forward in a sustainable way
  • There is a duty to future generations to leave the environment in a better place

Voting Values

In terms of voting Progressive Values include:

  • Electoral reform should include proportional representation
  • Electoral democracy is not enough, and that democracy must also be participatory and extend to workplaces
  • Voting every few years is a weak form of political participation, and that achieving social justice requires concerted effort before, during, and after elections

The Wind of Change

The wind of change in elections will not be a person swinging to this party or that party.

The changing wind will swing the non-voter into being a voter.

And the wind of change will be young people voting for the first time.

Make sure you vote and regardless of what country you live in consider supporting the Justice  Democrats.


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