Welcome to my website, Smudgy Guide – a place of seeking answers and finding questions.

I’m Mark Smith and am nicknamed Smudge.

My website is built around Quakerism, which I describe as a radical faith for the 21st century.

This guide aims be a place for news, activism, philosophy, psychology, freethinking and living adventurously as well as plenty of Quaker stuff for both Friends and newcomers.

The site is aimed at young people seeking friendship, faith and action to promote the values of peace, equality, simplicity and truth in campaigning for young people’s issues.

I’m a Quaker living in Lincolnshire who has a background in both information technology and teaching adult education.

I most definitely don’t want to preach Quakerism, rather I want my Smudgy Guide to engage curious minds and foster a place for learning more about Friends and the Society in general.

In friendship.