Fairphone is a game-changer in the smartphone industry with its ethically made phones being a beacon of reliability and sustainability.

Fairphones are designed to be both easy to repair and easy to recycle. The company aims to create a positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle.

To achieve this Fairphones are built modually, meaning that if something goes wrong that part of the phone that needs replacing can easily be taken out and a new part inserted.

The whole phone doesn’t have to be scrapped, something which less ethical smartphone companies rely on to maximise profits.

This is an industry first.

The supply chain for parts in the Smartphone trade is notorious for its working conditions. Workers in poor parts of the world are forced to work long hours for little pay in factories that are often hazardous. 

Fairphones made the decision to carefully trace where their parts came from and open up the supply chain to inspection, making sure parts were ethically sourced.

Bas van Abel, CEO and founder of Fairphone summarizes the company’s philosophy stating:

“Openness and transparency have become core values at Fairphone and we created a device that is easy to open and repair for everyone.”

Bas van Abel

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