1.17. A Signal of Thought

Our brains are like a vast telecommunications network, shuttling messages between billions of neurons communicating almost instantaneously with each other.

This is known as the Neural Network.

To picture the scale of this, imagine everyone in the world (6.72 billion people) is simultaneously speaking to 10,000 people.

Imagine all the conversations and crossovers of connections.

Now imagine all of this being remembered by neurons sticking together.

Every time you take in some information, react to the world, understand something in a new way, or remember something, a pulse of energy moves through the Neural Network in your mind, mapping a route from cell to cell.

As more signals pulse through, the routes become ever better known. This is the combination of memory and learning connecting together to create new pathways of thinking.

A signal of thought.

Image from www.cnbc.com

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