Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Antidote to Republican Racism

A rising Democratic politician in New York,  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands on a platform of equality and dignity, fighting racism and injustice.

Republicans are terrified of who she is and what she represents – the end of old white man thinking and the rise of young brown skinned thinking.

On 21st July Republican Ron DeSantis from Florida said:

“You look at this girl Ocasio-Cortez or whatever she is, I mean, she’s in a totally different universe. It’s basically socialism wrapped in ignorance.”

In a tweet,  Ocasio-Cortez replied

“Rep DeSantis, it seems you‘re confused as to ‘whatever I am.’ I am a Puerto Rican woman. It‘s strange you don’t know what that is, given that ~75,000 Puerto Ricans have relocated to Florida in the 10 months since [Hurricane] María. But I’m sure these new FL voters appreciate your comments!”

Progressive values

For her campaign, Ocasio-Cortez was endorsed by progressive and civil rights organizations such as Justice Democrats and Black Lives Maters. A self-described democratic socialist,  Ocasio-Cortez  supports progressive policies such as univeral healthcare, full employment, tuition-free public college, ending the privatization of prisons, and tightening gun control laws. She also

On environmental issues, she advocates for the United States to transition by 2035 to an electrical grid running on 100% renewable-energy production and end the use of fossil fuels. She also calls for a Green New Deal in the United States, in which the federal government would invest in the construction of large-scale green-infrastructure project.

Ocasio-Cortez also campaigns vigorously for the rights of Puerto Ricans, a territory of the United States, whose citizens face untold hardship in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

On her campaign video she began by saying, “Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office.”

Yet earlier this year she appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, taunting Donald Trump that he doesn’t know, “How to deal with a girl from the Bronx.”


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