Wear a Sea-Green Ribbon

Wear a sea-green ribbon with pride, to show support for religious tolerance, equality in law and the rights of the people.

The sea-green ribbons were worn by members and supporters of the Levellers during the mid 17th Century.

On October 30, 1648, Thomas Rainsborough, a leader in the Levellers was killed. He was a Member of Parliament and who had spoken at the Putney Debates. His funeral was the occasion for a large Leveller-led demonstration in London, with thousands of mourners wearing the Levellers’ ribbons of sea-green and bunches of rosemary for remembrance in their hats.

A year later in 1649, at the funeral of Robert Lockyer a New Model Army agitator hanged by Oliver Cromwell for mutiny, mourners once again wore the sea-green ribbon in remembrance.

The wearing of a sea-green ribbon continued with the Green Ribbon Club, a loosely combined association which met from time to time in London taverns or coffee-houses for political purposes in the 17th century.  It seems to have been founded about the year 1675 as a gathering for members hostile to the King’s rule.

Members of the Green Ribbon Club wore the sea-green ribbon  as an overt reminder of their radical origins.

As the writer Jill Segger says:

If you are troubled about the injustice and democratic impoverishment of our country, get yourself a sea-green ribbon, wear it with pride and speak out for an Agreement of the People.




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